Life is Good


So, finals are over. I don’t know how I did, it could go either way. I don’t know if they are going to kick me out of school yet… I said, I’m riding the fence. I’m reasonably sure that I am getting an A in my B&TW class, so I can fail my MatSe class and still be maintaining a 2.0 between the classes. For my other seven hours it could go either way. Four hours are coming from my control system class, which I heard has a wicked curve….thats right…..I said wicked. I heard that a B+ is bottom 33 percentile and up…which means that an A is in the fifty percent range. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the bell curve and how grades are done in engineering classes is that you find the average total grade (either based on points or percentages…it doesn’t matter either way) then you figure out what the deviation is between scores is…that is how much the average difference from the mean is. Then you figure that everything below the mean by one standard deviation is a C and two is a D and everything lower then that is an F….then above the mean by one deviation is a B, and everything else up-wards is an A. So now that I have forgotten my point and confused everyone who hasn’t worked on a bell curve before, it means that I compete directly against my classmates for my grade. My only goal is to get close to or above the average.

In my MatSe class I am most likely below two deviations…which means I am failing….but maybe, just maybe, I’ll pull that up w/ the final. It would be nice not to have to repeat a class like this one. As for my two ECE classes I heard that the controls class is super loose so I don’t think they will fail anyone, but my other class is more likely a C or better….maybe a D, but I’m hoping for the C.

But we’ll see how it goes. If I do get kicked out I can petition to get back in….and hopefully seeing as how I’m so close to graduating they will let me ride it out.

Tonight I went with James and finished some Christmas shopping. I bought Dirk “Final Fantasy Tactics Advance” for the Gameboy Advance. This game looks wicked awesome. I’m getting “Fire Emblem” for the GBA SP that Dirk got me for Christmas. Either my brothers will be getting it for me for Christmas, or I’ll pick it up myself before I leave for Cali. I’m reading a book and I’m gonna start playing “Fire Emblem” so hopefully I can actually get some reading done as well as some video gaming. Dirk said he mainly purchased the GBA for me because he wants someone to play “Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles” with, and you have to have GBA’s to play multi-player. I’ve already decided when we play that I want to be the one carrying the bucket. And you better believe dat da BigCat don’t drop the bucket short….unless he’s pissed at you.

Then after I went to circuit city, we went to Culvers…always good eating…not as good as In ‘n’ Out burger, but good none the less. Then on to Kelley and Bob’s Christmas Kegger….good times for all. I had my share of beer…Bob cut me off so that I would have no reason for Lauren to be alarmed about me getting drunk…which she has a tendency to do when she isn’t around and there is any amount of drinking involved. So I am home….reasonably sober, and watching “Don’t be a Menace to South Central while Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.” What a quality piece of work. I love that movie…and other bad movies like it.

So anyway, I’m done for now. I’ll write about Christmas and going to Cali after Christmas later.
So, thank you, and goodnight.