Life is Good

The glorious days after finals

I love the days right after finals. It is a bit of a tradition for Dirk and I to linger after all our finals and be completely lazy. These are the days of sloth and gluttony. The days immediately following our last final is when we were most likely to drink ourselves stupid. This was especially true of the days at the end of the year in the spring. I remember more then once we moved out on the last day we could be in the dorm, and we had to turn in our keys and prop doors open so we could get more stuff to our cars after the deadline to be out of the room. We were often moving out this late because anything we had decided to do, whether it be drinking, partying, or just playing video games, we had done in excess into the wee hours of the morning.

These are the laziest days still. Today we have only played Zelda, drank a large quantity of chocolate milk, ate steak, and watched “The Two Towers” extended edition….which we are still watching. Dirk played a few hours of Zelda 1, I played a couple hours of the worst Zelda ever….Zelda 2, and then I switched to Zelda: Majora’s Mask for a couple more hours. I actually took a shower at about 7pm, which is pretty good considering I hadn’t even planned on doing that.

I’m still feeling all that food I ate…especially the chocolate milk. I thought maybe I could get up and get the mail, but that will have to wait until this food settles a little more, and the load can be lightened a bit. Right now I am glued to the couch…thinking the extended edition really really kicks ass…especially for fans of the books. I think the word sloth describes my actions as of right now. I would have used gluttony because I’m thinking right now “Have I waited long enough to have room for a beer in my stomach?” But the sloth won out because the answer to the question is “I don’t want to get off the couch to get a beer.”

Aaron will be here tomorrow to take me home. That is good because I’m almost out of clothes, and I was waiting to go home to do laundry. Also I’ll most likely get some presents for Laurens family while he is here. The only bummer is that I have to cover for some people with the sound at 703 which I didn’t really have time to do, so I need to make time for it now. Hopefully Aaron won’t mind coming with me to help out instead of hanging out at home for the afternoon.

Now this little rant has gone on long enough so I will say,
Thank you, and goodnight.