Life Sucks

Home again, home again, fiddle-dee-dee

Well, I’m home…..home sucks. I have no friends here, that sux. Mom and Dad like to tell me things about the wedding, and sometimes they annoy me about it. Also, I’m tired of getting dumped on about wedding stuff in general. It isn’t like I don’t want to do things for this wedding. In fact, if someone wanted me to do something right now I would. Heck, I could pick out my own tuxes if that was OK, I could do a lot of stuff. And I know that it wouldn’t be good enough if I did do it, so I don’t know why the same isn’t true. Aren’t I allowed to be not happy with some of the work done by the other party. I don’t have to like everything, and I’m allowed to want a full dinner at my wedding if I want feel like that is important. Also, shouldn’t you give somebody something good at the reception if they drive or fly all that way to come to your party. I’m sorry, I don’t have an excuse to throw a party this big and extravagant very often, so I just figure it should be pretty darned big and cool. That means I want dancing, drinking, eating good food, and having a good time. I hate things being too formal or too stuffy, so we want to have Chicago style pizza at the wedding. This wasn’t my idea, but I thought it was a great idea, so that is what we plan to do. But because of this we can’t find a reception hall…that and I think it is ridiculous to have some people cater dry chicken and bloody roast beef if it is going to cost 11$ at least per person….for that much I would rather rent out a big part of cheddars and give everyone burgers. But I hate the idea of cake and punch receptions, I think that is sorta lame, and a boring way to celebrate something this big. What a party…I mean they have cake and punch after graduations for 8th grade, but when somebody gets married that is a bigger event then 8th grade graduation.

Also, I haven’t been sleeping a lot. I don’t know why, but I wake up and have a hard time sleeping again. I usually fall right back asleep, but I haven’t been able to. Also, my house is cold….Mom has the temp set to like 69 degrees….at my house I have it set to 72 usually and I think that is cold, so I’m freezing here. I’m looking forward to lighter weather and In ‘n’ Out Burger later this week in the OC (Orange County for those of you who aren’t hip with the TV shows these days).

So, let me sum this up. A wedding is a celebration…shouldn’t you have a big party, and isn’t it important that you throw a party you are both happy with. Also, shouldn’t you want to take care of your friends and relatives who came all that way to celebrate with you. Finally, I love In ‘n’ Out, it is the best fast food anywhere….I mean where else can you get really full for under 5 dollars.

Thank you, and Goodnight.