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On my nerves

So lately I’ve been pretty on edge for a whole host of different reasons. I’m a little run down by the fact that Lauren is sick, cuz that is hard to deal with, and there is not much I can do to help her feel better. I’m glad my Mom came to help out for a couple days to take care of her, that should help some. Also, people have been just running my patience thin lately. Too many un-funny jokes, too many shots at me about stuff that I actually take personally (which means you have to hit something just right, because at my house we make fun of each other with reckless abandon most the time, but there are just some places you don’t go). Have you ever thought that someone is acting a certain way, or making lame jokes just to impress someone? I mean, we all act a little differently if we get around certain people, but lately that has really been bugging me. I know some people are super malleable (sp?) to the people they are around, if they get around one person who acts a certain way, they pick up all their traits, annoying or good. After a while it gets pretty old, because you realize it is just an act to get attention/acceptance. It’s really annoying at church too, like that is when you end up with the hyper hypocrites, but now I’m ranting about something that I don’t really have a right to judge. Anyway, lately I’ve been too tired to throw up much of a front for anyone, so if you’re around me, you’re getting “Ben: Raw and Uncensored.” Realizing that I’ve been tired of trying to be nice to people lately led me to the idea that I should make a search that says “GodSearch’s Bad Example” on it….that would be funny.

Anyway, to add to my annoyance, the Garbage guys left a note on Laurens car (which I’ve had for a week since she has been sick) that said “If you park this car here on your trash day again, you can find someone else to haul you.” Now, first off, this is pretty rude in general, and second these guys have been cursing up a storm lately, and making lots of noise, waking up Squirrel boy, and Rob, and I’ve been woke up on other occasions by them. This is just not cool at all. I mean, we get a good deal from these guys on pickup, but what the hell, why do I have to move my car, I park it where Bob used to park his car with no complaints, and secondly do they not value my business. Also, why do they need to get in my driveway anyway? I personally don’t think I want to keep these guys as my garbage pickup people if they can’t drop us a letter, or a phone call, asking us politely to move our cars, and to justify why we should move it. It is my driveway, and they advertised that we wouldn’t have to put our cans on the curb for trash day, so why should I move my car. But anyway, that really upset me….lazy people who hate having to walk 5 yards more with a can then they have to piss me off.

Rob and I decided that we are going to see the movie Club Dread tonight at about 10 pm. I think some people wanted to go with us, so if you do, drop a comment and we’ll make sure to wait for you, or call you with our plans before we leave. And tomorrow night, Seth is going to see Kill Bill: Vol. 1 at Greg hall, so if you are interested drop him a line.

On to class now, maybe later I will start my section of the entries we are going to do on the “modern male dilemma”.