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Sometimes I feel like my brain is a branch predictor. I only know what is gonna happen next by keeping count of how many times it happened before.

Sometimes my nerdiness amazes me…..but the analogy holds pretty true.

If my brain is like a branch predictor, what is my ALU, and how did calculus manage to mess up my integer speed path? I don’t think my FPU ever worked right. Man, between a decent rolling stack (short term memory) and the branch predictor, I barely have a working conscience. Also, someone needs to turn my long term memory into a RAID 5 array, because I need to be able to hot swap broken brain cells and not loose any memory…and could someone improve my file system….I’m always loosing things in there. If someone increased the size of my cache would I do better on tests, or would people just give me a higher PR rating.

Some days it sucks to be me, because you realize that if you could plug my head into a monitor and get email on it, I wouldn’t retail over 20 bucks.

I wonder where you would plug the ethernet cable though?