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Selling a few movies, and going to eat Chilli

Since some people asked, but I haven’t put it down formally, here is a list of some DVDs I’m selling because I got them on bluray.
1) The Dark Knight, two disc version, one of which lets you download a digital copy to your iphone/ipod/media player, and it is completely new, not even out of the wrapper: $16
2) Batman Begins – think we’ve watched this twice since getting our new copy (after the break-ins): $8
1 + 2) Will sell them as a pair for $20
3) WALL-E: $12
4) where the case itself transforms into Optimus Prime: $20

Also of note, separate to the DVD business, there is a chilli cook-off at the Town Hall Brewery a week from this Sunday, Feb. 1.

Who is interested in going to that after church?