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President Obama – The Internet is for Everyone

I believe that the internet is the single most powerful tool for learning in existence today. It blows away TV, and it contains most of if not all the books written that are currently in the public domain for free.

That is why I believe our municipal duopolies of telephone/cable companies are not the solution we need in America for providing internet. My bill for broadband internet has gone from $40 to $65 in the last four years with almost no increase in service. It is trends like this, coupled with the internet provider companies beginnig to throttle access to sites or services/protocols that don’t cooperate with their rules that makes me passionate about this. People in an economic tier below mine are stifled in their ability to get access.

I propose that internet access needs more attention than the digital TV switch, much much more. (just for the record, I think this delay of the digital transition is stupid, and is the type of thinking that annoys me from the democrats, and I also believe it is motivated more by corporate interests than the public’s safety [OMG did I suggest that someone in the Obama administration might not have pure motives…silly me] /soapbox) If we treat the internet more like a utility, or a road, and have the government build out the lines that connect us, and then allow ISPs the right to compete for providing the customer an IP address, a DNS server, and access to their backbones, while we pay the city or state a basic fee to maintain the system that we will end up with something that much more accessible and affordable.

Anyway, the links at the beginning of this I completely agree with and urge you to check them out and put a little thought into this. Because as more things go online (like job searches, and federal sites) the digital divide is one of the divides that continues to help keep injustice flowing to the economically disadvantaged, while widening the gap between those that have money and those that don’t.