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This Weeks Twitter Updates – 2009-01-25

  • Trying to decide which scriptures to use for a small group discussion about how our prayers can have power. #
  • I need a re-group/thinking/writing day.Too many ideas cramped up in my head, that I don’t have good words for communicating to people. #
  • Feeling oddly fulfilled today. Maybe it was the good small group we had last night. #
  • Sent the iPhone back again for repairs on the repairs they did last time – hopefully this time it will come back completely awesome. #
  • Really missing my iPhone right now. Opera Mini on my nokia 6682 does not cut it – though better than the built-in browser. #
  • I thought this was funny, and I know it will amuse my wife, maybe it will amuse you too. #
  • Finally down to 1 laptop and 2 lcds at work. Desktop is completely clean, and sitting on the floor. ~75% more desk space now. ☺♥ #

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