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This Weeks Twitter Updates – 2010-02-28

  • One of my new local music heroes @heatherlynmusic check her out – awesome and maybe coming to your town! #
  • At the MN without poverty event at Luther seminary. Loving the artists and the cause. #
  • Battle of the odors, the rotten fish smell we can't get out of the fridge vs. leftover curry. Only one will emerge victorious! #
  • Ate some great ethiopian tonight. Who knew that T's Place was Asian/Ethiopian fusion restraunt and bar. #
  • My wedding ring fits on my middle finger now, which 2 me is cooler than putting an adapter in it until I reach goal weight & get it resized. #
  • Just booked a trip from 4/15-4/20 for sis-in-laws wedding. Who is interested in watching our dog while we are gone? She is a lot of fun! #
  • I just got some FREE music from Derek Webb. You can download it here: #
  • My dog apparently got out (we couldn't tell how) and a neighbor brought her home for us. Thnx neighbor! Lauren only left for 2 hrs today. 🙁 #
  • This lent thing is sucking much less now that I've figured out what I can eat that isn't salad. #
  • I'm looking for good hummus recipes. I can't quite get what I'm looking for in the ones I've tried. #
  • Being a Christian and Tithing has some serious tax benefits. #

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