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This Weeks Twitter Updates – 2010-03-07

  • VLI week from hell is done. 2 tests and a sermon complete. Sermon didn't suck as much as I thought it would, which is a plus. #
  • 15 minutes is just not enough time to flesh-out 10+ versus of 2nd Timothy. Artificial limitations are hampering my ability to be awesome. 🙁 #
  • Exciting free-agency first day for Da Bears. We'll see how these guys turn out, all of them being >= 30 years old. #
  • Can't decide how much I like my latest batch of homemade hummus. Still think I prefer store bought. Maybe that means I'm making it wrong. #
  • It is doughnut day at work, my fav day of the month, and I can't have any 🙁 Only the 2nd time I am really regretting this vegan thing. #
  • This vegan/Daniel fast thing has started to play hell with my digestive system. But I've lost 7lbs in 2 wks, so I guess that is a plus. #
  • Email notifications for GoogleWave – Hooray! A step in the direction – next could u pls let me manage gmail/gvoice/gwave all in one place. #
  • Google Wave seems snappier these days. Also they have a new feedback form with questions about Gmail interaction – very nice. #
  • Pauline Lit midterm done – now studying for my church planting midterm. #
  • Home sick today with some type of sinus thing. Trying to rest and kick it so I can get back to work tomorrow. #
  • Man! There is a mobile developers conference in the Minneapolis and it is cheap – but it is on the last day of VLI and Alec's wedding 🙁 #
  • Got the garage door fixed today to the tune of $500 – UGH! Being an adult sucks sometimes – too expensive. #
  • Totally awesome for all your rube-goldberg fans out there. OK Go – This Too Shall Pass. #
  • I think I want to be a hippie when I grow up. Can someone free me from my white-collar job and help me out with that? #
  • Twitter needs an 'in context' link like has. That would make twitter conversations less obnoxious if u don't follow everyone. #
  • At first I thought it was ironic buying something from Dave Ramsey's site w/ my credit card, then I realized the box said 'debit card.' #
  • I still loath iTunes. #
  • Rocking the @Heatherlyn CD and loving it. I dig that local TC artists are so awesome & want to fight social injustice. #

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