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This Weeks Twitter Updates – 2010-03-14

  • Cheated on the fast yesterday by eating a small fried dessert dumpling from a chinese place. And almost threw it right back up. #
  • It turns out that soy milk doesn't suck, contrary to my original assumption. #
  • Steve Robbins is constantly pushing me more towards a liberal theological position by being trite with his arguments against it. #
  • Listened to the book of James on the way to work this morning – I find something new and profound in those 5 chapters ever time I read it. #
  • Best advice I've ever heard from John Piper "Don't tweet while having sex." I think you can take that one to the bank. #
  • Begining plans for my B-day in May. Thinking about how much it would cost to rent out a roller rink – does that sound like fun to ne1 else? #
  • Trying to learn to how to do video editing to work on a video for one of Lauren's spoken word pieces. #

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