I grow weary of this exercise….I am waiting for this to be over, so I can stop writing down my thoughts on every little thing, but instead focus on what is going on in my head. Q: According to verse 8, what are we to do in response to what God has done? What are Read More →

Q: Paul instructs Titus to both show and tell the new Christians of Crete how to live. Who can you encourage in the days and years ahead with your own example and words? How do Paul’s words in verses 6-8 and 11-15 challenge and encourage you to action? A: Haven’t I answered this question like Read More →

So I have been way busy lately, so I haven’t posted many of my devotions, but this is the last week, so I’m going to try to do better this week. Q: Whom do you know right now that others might consider too far from God to consider the gospel? Take time right now to Read More →

So today a lot is on my mind. God has really been answering some prayers, and kinda saying “HA! I told you to chill out and be patient, but you doubted.” and now I feel like an idiot. At any rate, I was reading this thing on greed and money and I don’t really feel Read More →

Q: What situations or responsibilities are you facing right now that seem big or overwhelming to you? What can you learn from Paul’s advice to Timothy in this passage? A: Often just graduating seems overwhelming. Right now with my classes and everything I’ve been doing at the church it can be overwhelming to try to Read More →

Q: How do the qualifications for leaders given in this passage encourage and challenge you? Which ones do you meet right now? Which qualifications do you need to grow in? A: I would say that in general these passages tend to challenge me more then encourage. I often think that it would be better not Read More →

Q: In the opening verses of this passage, whom does Paul say to pray for? What does he say to pray for them? A: Easy enough. Paul tells them to pray for Kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. I like easy questions….short Read More →

Q: Paul was an extremely devoted and religious person before he met Christ, yet he says in verse 15 that he was “worst [sinner] of them all.” What did Paul look to for salvation before he met Christ? What did he rely on after encountering Christ? As Paul did in verses 12-14, take some time Read More →

Q: Summarize in a sentence or two Paul’s teaching on work and laziness found in verses 6-15. How does this teaching speak to your current work (or study) habits? A: Paul is saying here that while he and his companions were with the Thessalonians that they worked to earn their keep. And he is saying Read More →

Q: What do you find most encouraging in verses 13 through 17? A: I like how this passage is building up the reader by saying that they are saved by the work of the Spirit. I like the fact that this whole part is like that. Paul is thanking God for the work he has Read More →

Q: What situations(s) are you facing right now where God is calling you to persist in faithful obedience to him? A: There are a ton of places in my life that God is calling me to be more faithful in my life. I feel like over the past year and a half he has been Read More →

Q: October is Pastor Appreciation Month. In verse 12 we are encouraged to “honor those who are your leaders in the Lord’s work.” Consider who your spiritual leaders are right now – your small group leader(s) (or coach, ministry team leader, or Cross Training leader) and pastors. Take time now to write on of them Read More →

So I’m sitting here watching “A social history of Virginity” on MTV which is kind of funny because today the devotion is about how your sex life is. Paul says in this passage to be pure and holy in your sex life, and most people who are honest with themselves will tell you that this Read More →