This is a test…a test of the emergency blog repairing network. If this works, my sick day was not in vein….even though I did sleep from 9pm last night till 6am, and then off and on till noon. Most the time I spent very feverish, with a nice bit of chills in my extremities. Don’t Read More →

I have the nested comments working again, I lost some stylistic changes I made, and I will get around to fixing those. Later today or tonight I will keep adding back in old journal entries, and hopefully catch up to the last few I made. Then the very tedious task of adding comments back in Read More →

I just upgraded MovableType to the brand new version. It was susposed to be painless, but of course since I use that silly SQLite for my database, and it doesn’t enjoy adding or removing columns from already created tables, there was no automated update script for me. I’m going to post a file that I Read More →

Ok, so everything is cool. Sometimes when you add stuff to these kinds of scripts that run web stuff, like blogs, you have to fiddle with them. Especially when you upgrade a script and you had an add-on plugin installed. I had to make sure the “Threaded Comments” plugin worked correctly, and now it does. Read More →

I might be taking the webpage down for a little bit, or it might not work correctly for a little while, because I’m upgrading the blog script to help keep people from spamming my comments. Not that this has happened, but it would be good to keep up to date with the latest and greatest Read More →

There is now the ability to “reply to” different comments…so it looks like the LJ comments posting system. So if anyone had some problems posting comments, it is now fixed….I should actually detail how to install the MTThreadedComments plugin with sqlite for the database system used to control MovableType. The only reason I will write Read More →

I’m testing a nested comments plugin, so you can mostly ignore this, and the replies which are going to be “does this work” type of stuff.

So, point number 1…..there is a link… the top of this entry as it will appear when syndicated….use it, cuz I cannot reply to the Livejournal feed, so put the comments on my site. Number 2, since I updated the site, it changed some stuff around and LJ was like all “Look….NEW STUFF!!!!!,…must add more Read More →

All the importing of old Greymatter files into Movable Type is complete, so it is about time to kick this into gear. Also I have a default Style set up for Movable Type, and it isn’t exactly the layout I have now on the site, but I think shortly I’m going to “go live” by Read More →

Well there are a few things to note around here….. 1. Yes, the basement did flood, not like standing water flood, more like wet mildewy carpet. 2. GreyMatter has started to piss me off, due to lack of updates, and lack of some features I want, I will be migrating to Movable Type and I Read More →

For those of you who migh actually read this that don’t know what LiveJournal is, it is a free community style blog site that will host free blogs for anyone who gets invited by a friend. Well that is all well and good if you are looking for something simple…but me being an internet “indy” Read More →

I’m trying out this new thing where I can use some different type of news feed….since I broke the script with upgrades for security to the blog scripts…but try this file if your interested in a feed to read my blog from whatever rss reader your down with.