Life Sucks

Life, Death, Pokey Sticks and a Monkey

Well, as many of you know, monkeys are funny, but more importantly I thought my Dad might die on Tuesday, which isn’t funny. So this has caused me to think a good deal about how much it would suck to loose my Dad. It’s been hard, but I’ve been trying to think more about how happy I am that he isn’t sick. But this is not the focus of this post, I know I don’t deal well with death in general, I mean who does, but I tend to be one of those internalizes, so I have a hard time thinking about it or expressing my thoughts about it, so instead I will write about that day, and the days to follow.

So, I get a call about 2:00 on the way to my second class of the day and my brother says “Dad is on his way to the hospital, he had a CAT scan of his chest and they said he has a dissecting aorta.” And I was just about in shock right there. I had to hold it together and make it to my next class and turn in homework. On the way I stopped to get a bottle of pop, and I walked up to the machine, thought “this is the machine that ate my dollar that one time, surely they have it fixed by now, and it won’t happen again.” Well, it happened again. I wasn’t gonna put up with that today, so I tracked down where I could get my money back. That was relatively painless, so on to the turning in of the homework. Got that done, need to go tell my cousin/boss what is going on so I did that, and he walked home with me to make sure I was doing OK. When I got home, I called Dad and he said he was just getting checked in. So I waited for him to call back and tell me if things were bad enough that I should come down to Springfield. He also informed me that it was not a dissecting aorta but an aneurysm. Not much better but better none the less. So after waiting a couple hours they called back with the good news that it was in fact a Shadow on the CAT scan, and that he was OK. An echo cardio-gram showed that he was healthy. So that was great. But now my day was a wash, and I couldn’t get my pulse down enough to concentrate.

So that was the first part of that day, which was going pretty crappily at that point. But now it was like 7:00pm, and I had to meet a guy at grainger at 8. I had already emailed him twice…once to say I might not make it, and again to say that I could be there. So I was also hungry right now, and I was like “Man, I’m hungry and I already ate dinner” and Rob was all “we should get a pizza” and so I said lets do it, and then he backed out. So I watched Gilmore girls w/ Lauren and went to grainger. So when I got there, I couldn’t find my friend. Of course, which just goes with the tone of the day. Later I found out that he had only got the first email, which is what I figured. So back home I go.

I got home, still hungry, and Rob and I actually agreed on getting pokey sticks from Gumbys. If you have never had pokey sticks they are sorta like cheese bread with cooked in garlic butter, and are quite delicious. But I have said before that it is probably sac religious to eat pokey sticks before midnight, because we never seemed to like the amount of grease involved with eating them before midnight. So, about 9 to 9:30ish I went online to get the phone number, and found they had online ordering. Now I am about to tell you that I did indeed utilize the online ordering, and even used a credit card, but I am telling you now, DO NOT USE THE ONLINE ORDERING to order from gumbys. It works well for papa Johns, not Gumbys. After two calls and 4 hours, and half off, the pokey sticks arrived. I waited for 4 anguished hungry hours for this stupid balls of grease. And after I ate mine, I got a stomach ache. Go figure. So I thought this was just about the only way a really long crappy and exhausting day could end. So, I woke up Wednesday and met with Jeff and Mark, and that was really cool. I’ve been meaning to meet with just a guy or two and talk about stuff a little deeper then it is often pertinent to do, so I like that. But it was early when we got together, and that made for a second long day….followed by Thursday, which was also a long day where I needed to get up for lab. Wednesday may not have been as long except I decided to go see Kelley play at an open mic at the Cowboy Monkey. Which I just like the name of that place. It has monkey in it. Kelley was awesome, and there were some other really great people playing too.

So all in all, this has been a long week, that started with a busy weekend, that is now almost over, and hopefully I will I have time to relax, calm down a little, and regroup this weekend.

Since there was much negativity throughout this post, I will spread the Masterpiece Optimus Prime Love….the best prime toy ever, the matrix is in his chest, and that is totally awesome. so, without further adieu… And I am happy, except I must now save around 80 bucks to buy this.

EDIT: Here is a local link since the other one is sorta silly.