Life Sucks

What’s the Point

Sometimes I read through my old blog posts, especially around the beginning of the year because I like to recap the last year in my head.

Today, I found myself reading them and wondering “What’s the point?” Not the point of blogging, I fully understand that it is nothing more than a cathartic expression of my frustrations while I’m harrassed by life in general. (Fourth paragraph down to see the reference, Seth will appreciate that link)

But more to the problem of “What’s the point” of my life. I’ve listened to enough sermons to have a solid theology on it, but sometimes that theology feels so empty and dry.

Can I exist as a warm body forever? Does the Kingdom need another one? When do I get to find my place instead of just being a face in the crowd? What is worth fighting for this day in age? I wasn’t born to be a grunt, so why is it that I always end up one?