Life Sucks

A little help here

So I was looking for some stuff about leaving people who are hurting you in the Bible. I know that it is proven to be therapeutic to leave someone when they are abusive, and to make sure to cut off contact with that person, so as to avoid further abuse. One thing I did like made me think that it is important to expose denial is Ephesians 5:11 and through the the next part of that section goes on to talk about exposing things to the light.

Also I was reading about false memory syndrome, where a counselor plants a memory that never happened in your head and convinces you that it is real, and that is some scary stuff. I would hate to have a counselor or hypnotist planting memories in my head….that would suck.

Sometimes researching this stuff makes me sick….People are disgusting. The back and forth….the you abused me, your making that up, your in denial, and all that….it is hard to sort out. There are patterns that people fit into that distinguish, at least to some extent, who is lying and who is telling the truth. I just wish there was a definitive way to prove it….psychology is such a guessing game….maybe I should call my cousin….he almost has his clinical psychology PHD completed…maybe he can help. He is one of the best people I know….he really wants to help people, and is openly willing to admit when he was wrong (something I find many psychologist lack) which is really cool.

Enough of this depressing crap…g’night….tomorrow I’m off to a funeral, which promises to be completely wonderful because I get to be a Paul–bearer for the first time ever….(!notice sarcasm is used here!)