Life Sucks


I was walking through the Union today and heard some people mumbling some scientific jargon and I cringed. I didn’t cringe because I thought “Nerds”, or “that is way over my head”, I cringed because I understood what they were talking about, and it isn’t in my major. The even worse thing is that I’m starting to cringe even when I hear things in my major.

When I was a freshmen I used to walk around thinking about how awesome it was to be around smart people finally…not surrounded by idiots, and brought down by systems designed to neuter the intelligent for the sake of the future McDonald’s employees. Yes, I had a chip on my shoulder, but then all I could think about was how college is the place for me.

Fast forward four years….and I hate this place. I feel the like the last bits of life are slowly being drained out of me, like a troll trying to suck the marrow out of bones. I hate that I know entire departments on the campus including faculty have lower IQ’s then I do, I hate how stupid people get over stupid small things and then they go protest it, and make me late for class. I hate classes that don’t teach anything that I didn’t learn in my neutered high school. I hate being surrounded by people leaps and bounds more intelligent then I am, making me the guy in that tail end of the bell curve when the tests scores are finished. I hate feeling like I never have enough time, because there is always another test or homework to do. I hate acronyms that don’t have $$’s written on them somewhere for me. I hate not being able to go home at the end of a long day and just watch TV or sleep.

I wish that I only had to memorize terms and acronyms that met something to me. Like I know what PLC, PPIT, TC, TM, Contrologix, sausage, casepack, and stackout mean in terms of making Kleenex and that is more important to me then ALU, AM, FM, Fourier, Laplace, Lead, Lag, 3-phase, Na, Nd, Vfb, Vt, doping concentration, hardpacked crystal, or anything else I’ve studied in a long time here. I’m tired of school…I’m tired of hearing new people come in thinking they have new ideas, but only saying the same old thing.

Alright…enough of this…maybe Steve Nicholson will bring me up a little at this confrence.