Ramblings for the day.

Well, I just finished a test, and I think it went well. I didn’t study my transistors very well before this class and it only had two problems on it and one was a transistor problem. If you don’t know anything about MOS (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) transistors, they can be in three regions of operation: cut-off, linear/triode, and saturation. I couldn’t figure out what this transistor was because I didn’t study the cases how it gets into which state enough so I took a guess, and made a couple assumptions I had seen on some old homeworks and test, and when the dust settled the values I calculated all made sense with the mode of operation I guessed it was in…..so I hope that means I got the problem right…cuz that would be cool. I think it would mark the very first time I ever actually took a guess of that magnitude on a test in this department and got it right.

So, in other news, sometime soon here I’m going to post some of my personal pros and cons for valentines day, but that is a whole entire post of it’s own, so it has to wait since this is just random stuff.

I was looking at MovableType’swebsite, which is the script I use to generate my blog since I’m not a conformist like all you silly fools and don’t acutally use LiveJournal for my blog, and I decided to check out the forums to see if there are any late breaking developments on when MovableType 3.0 is going to come out. (I’m waiting for that because it promises to add some new and exciting features to make my life easier) While I was looking through some tips and tricks stuff I came across this post which is started by Tech TV’s (you can only watch it around here if you have digital cable) Cat Schwartz which I thought was cool since a whole lot of the Tech TV crew uses MovableType, and I have been to all their websites at one time or another just for kicks and this was a random linking to her site. Kinda reminds you that the information age just keeps making the world smaller and smaller. Also, I thought her layout was pretty cool, and using the iFrame feature (the blog entry inside a box in the page) was a cool way to make an opening page. I might go with something like this when I finally design an entire site. (this is something that I couldn’t do if I used LJ to do my blog, so >P )

On other notes we’re going to a dinner theater in Monticello tonight with Sara Delaporte, her fiance (Paul, I think), Dirk, and Valerie. That should be cool. And tomorrow night I’m cooking steak (probably something really good like a porterhouse or ribye) for Lauren and I.

Finally, I would like to commend Dirk for making up for his already mentioned lack of devotion to the Crystal Chronicles commitment, he has since put in approximately 4 hours over a couple days and we are progressing nicely. There are only two things keeping us from flying through this game even faster. One is that we are trying to make sure everyone has good weapons, which means revisiting dungeons and getting more iron, bronze, and weapons plans…I just count this as an unavoidable side effect of playing with multiple people, and the desire for each character not to suck. The other thing holding us back is the squirrel boy. After a ravenous desire to play the game on the night that Dirk was absent, he has strangely disappeared. Now, many jokes have been made at his expense about how he hardly lives with us anymore since he spends a large amount of time at his girlfriends (a.k.a. the Squirrel-friend) place, but this is unacceptable. As I mentioned before, this game takes commitment. If you aren’t willing to put the time in, why did you get the gameboy in the first place…I mean, he did buy Final Fantasy Tactics advance for it, but that pales in comparison that is the hilarity of four people trying to coordinate spell attacks together, and randomly being bastards and grabbing treasures out from under each other. So, this is a formal tongue lashing for the squirrel boy. Fortunately for him, we are making sure to collect extra stuff to give him once he decides to come home for five minutes so we can tell him that we played two or three levels without him. Specifically I have plans for bronze armor, bronze belt (which only his character can use) and we are going to collect a weapon plan for him soon too, but still, he has no moogle pockets, no earth pendants which can only be obtained by beating a level, and these are the things that will leave him behind before too long. Tsk, Tsk, squirrel boy, stop foraging for nuts and come home so we can play some serious four player action.

Well, with that formal squirrel abuse, I must retire to my next class.

So, until later I will just say,
Thanks for reading.

Happy Day for Seth

So, good news…not only have I reunited with my age old friend Scott a.k.a. “DINK!!!!!!”, but Seth got accepted into Grad school today.

So, we are marinading steak with Dink’s homemade marinade, and we are going to drink expensive beers tomorrow after marinading the steak all night tonight, and we are going to celebrate somewhere later.

So this weekend is looking good.

More Philosophy and Superbowl

So, I want to say for the record….Rob was wrong….he predicted 17-10 Carolina, and he was ridiculously wrong….my prediction….Rob would be wrong….so I’m awesome, and Rob sux. There was Fat Man dancing at each touchdown and sack. Rob and I decided just because we like to hate each other and because we didn’t care who one that he would root for Carolina, since he had picked them to win already anyway, and I got the Patriots. To be honest it could have been anyones game, and we didn’t really care either way, but my team came out on top, so I was happy. But at one point after a Carolina touchdown an especially exciting dance was performed. Rob started his patented “Dance of Infinite Joy” and he rocked too far to one side, and he started to go over…luckily our other friend Rob caught him before he took out the coffee table. So I have renamed Rob from “Smelly” to “Humpty” because he did a great dance and had a great fall and sooner or later all of us are going to have to put him back together again. This was quite a moment…this marks the second time Rob has almost taken out the table. So Humpty will be his name until I think of a new one, or a better one.

So in philosophy class, which is awesome, they were talking about relativism and I had some really interesting thoughts. I believe that I have proven that if we accept the statement “I think therefore I am” that Descartes stated that other people do exist and that I don’t like a lot of them. While most people reading this are thinking one of two things (one, duh…isn’t that obvious, or two, duh,…many a philosopher has proven that) I was impressed with myself. This was slightly better then the time I stated that the Church needed periods of movements and periods of establishments, and then read the same thing in a book by some important guy. I like the philosophy class, it makes me think, and while I don’t always think that thinking for it’s own sake is a good thing, sometimes it is. Oh my ,I’ve just gone cross-eyed.

Anyway, I might post how I work out this whole thing about other people existing,…but lets just say that it doesn’t account for that whole theory that we might just be figments of some other beings imagination….which sounds slightly like a heresy of the actual revealed truth in the Bible. But sometime…after I form a more complete thought on this, I will use it to philosophically prove that God exists. I already made an argument for that today, but it was rough, and easily picked apart, but it is the start of a thought that could be more complete and difficult to disprove.

Also, later tonight I will have a link to pictures of the prime toy in various poses, so you can all laugh at the silly poses and marvel at how awesome the toy is.

So with that I will say, Thank you, and Goodnight.

SuperBowl Party

OK, so the low down is that we are having a SuperBowl part at “the house” (comes equipped with “the brain cell”®) but we couldn’t officially announce it as a 703 replacement party since we will be drinking some beer. This is not a get drunk kind of thing, but my roommates and I do enjoy a good beer while watching football, and we will be doing just that on this occasion. So anyone who wants to come, come on by sometime before the SuperBowl starts (it is listed for kickoff at 5pm Central time) and if you want to bring anything to share, that is cool, but I will be buying some bags of chips and some non-alcoholic stuff to share so you don’t have to. But since we are poor college students and beer is more expensive then pop (thats right, I’m from central Illinois not southern, so I call it “pop”) it will be BYOB for anyone over the legal drinking age who wishes to partake in said activities.

“The House” is located at 804 W. Springfield in URBANA (don’t bother the guy in Champaign he is getting tired of getting our cable, pizza, mail, and guests), it is an off-white house with a couch, car bench, and a grill on the porch. Park on the street a block east of the house, or on busey (the next crossroad east of the house) where there is more parking, because my parking lot is already crowded. There is also a lot that is free parking on campus about two blocks west of the house, if you have a hard time finding parking on the street or you don’t like parallel parking. So, prepare for the fun activities, and invite whoever you want, we’ll make the people fit if it starts getting crowded, and during half time you may (I make no promises) see a fat man dance of some sort from either Rob or I….but again, I make no promises.

Fuck Yeah! Optimus Prime

That is right ladies and gentleman, I have in my possession the “MasterPiece Optimus Prime: 20th Anniversary Edition” and it is the most bad-ass thing ever. I had to make the title as vulgar as I did because there is no better way to describe how cool this toy is (and because I needed to borrow a name from the review of X2 at Aint it Cool news). I don’t think I’ve ever touched another toy that is this cool. Man, this takes you back, this what the original toy should have been. I love this thing and all it’s articulated goodness. And even better is that Lauren is getting it for me….well, I went and picked it up, but Lauren is paying for it as my Valentines present. I want to say that there are things in this that make is SOOOOOOOOO awesome. Like the little button that makes the matrix light up inside optimuses chest.

This is a 6 year old moment twenty years in the making. I want people to understand that this is like an Elvis freak finding out that he is alive, it is like having your childhood hero on TV adopting you as his own son. It is like the best material thing I can have. My life is looking good right now, I’m getting married, a large ticket kind of thing that I don’t have to pay for at all, I have a great fianc?’ who doesn’t necessarily understand why I like things, but understands that they are important to me, and I am off probation at school and taking classes that don’t suck quite as bad as last semester. Also, I have lots of cool friends right now, some of which are going to introduce me to wine that I possibly won’t hate, and one of which bought the only other toy at walmart.

Let me thank Aaron Carlin who told me that although this toy isn’t supposed to be released in the United States until March 5th it was available at Walmart today and that there were a few of them on the shelf. This is so so so so so cool. I might have to ask to borrow someones digital camera so I can put up pictures of this bad boy. I’m so pumped that I have this toy in my possession.

Well, I have carried on long enough now, so I will say if you want to see the toy, come on by the house, and until then

Thank you, and Goodnight.

Chunky Soup

I like Chunky Soup.

And Chunky Soup is on sale for a dollar a can at Shnucks, which is a good thing. For some reason, I seemed to think that Chunky Soup had to be made on the stove. This may have originated from the fact that when I first started buying Chunky Soup and Chef Boyardee when I didn’t own a microwave or have one available to me. So, today, I was in a hurry for class (I have a whole other story about class today, but that will have to wait) so I wanted to not have to cook the Chunky Soup on the stove. Low and Behold, the can had microwave instructions….so my favorite soup became even mo’e bettar. I was ecstatic. So I went on to class after eating my wonderful Chunky Soup. I left for class about quarter after 12. This class starts at 12:30. I walk into class at 12:25 thinking it is good to be early, and everyone is sitting down and the professor is lecturing. So I look over the guy’s shoulder in front of me, once I sit down, and see on the syllabus (that is already passed out) that the class starts at 11:30, I walked into that class a full hour late……and it is the first day. What a precedent. This is typical of me. The good news is that I actually bought a couple books, which puts me that many book ahead of the game. Last semester I didn’t buy any books until after of the first week of class. In fact, I ordered a book a full week into class, so this is a good thing. Anyway, one day of class down…the easy day, only three more to go this week.

On a different note, Scott may be coming down this weekend from the land of Dekalb. This is one of my oldest and best friends and I haven’t seen him in a long time. And he is also one of the best comic book style artist that I know personally, and he is going to redraw my picture for my website, and for my avatars on webboards and blogs. So look for that soon. Until then,

Thank you, and Goodnight.

Happy New Year, for ME!!!!!

So, I checked my grades….they are up for you U of I students who are wondering….and I got……wait for it, wait for it…..a 2.177

Which means I’m not getting kicked out of school…it even says “You have returned to good academic standing.” So I’m totally stoked.

For my close friends and roommates I will list the breakdown and tell you what I think of some of the grades because there were a few surprises.
ECE 340 – D
ECE 386 – C+
MatSe 200 – D+ (The biggest surprise)
B&TW 261 – A

The big surprise is the MatSe grade. I was almost sure I was going to fail this class so I figure I must have done really well on the final to get the D+. The other big surprise is the D in ECE 340. I totally got a quality C on the final in that class and I got a C-/D+ on the first exam, and I only did really poor on the second exam, so I don’t know where I was in the final distribution, but the D, not even a D+ or C-, is what I thought was a little low. Oh well, I passed that, and I only have 5 classes left, 4 of them ECE, and one is ancient philosophy (PHIL 203 I believe) which will knock out my last gen ed / free elective hours.

So the new year is looking up for me already…good times a comming…gonna graduate on time, and it is all good.

I hope you are all enjoying your new years celebration time, and I hope no one drank too much. Have a good day, and enjoy break.

The glorious days after finals

I love the days right after finals. It is a bit of a tradition for Dirk and I to linger after all our finals and be completely lazy. These are the days of sloth and gluttony. The days immediately following our last final is when we were most likely to drink ourselves stupid. This was especially true of the days at the end of the year in the spring. I remember more then once we moved out on the last day we could be in the dorm, and we had to turn in our keys and prop doors open so we could get more stuff to our cars after the deadline to be out of the room. We were often moving out this late because anything we had decided to do, whether it be drinking, partying, or just playing video games, we had done in excess into the wee hours of the morning.

These are the laziest days still. Today we have only played Zelda, drank a large quantity of chocolate milk, ate steak, and watched “The Two Towers” extended edition….which we are still watching. Dirk played a few hours of Zelda 1, I played a couple hours of the worst Zelda ever….Zelda 2, and then I switched to Zelda: Majora’s Mask for a couple more hours. I actually took a shower at about 7pm, which is pretty good considering I hadn’t even planned on doing that.

I’m still feeling all that food I ate…especially the chocolate milk. I thought maybe I could get up and get the mail, but that will have to wait until this food settles a little more, and the load can be lightened a bit. Right now I am glued to the couch…thinking the extended edition really really kicks ass…especially for fans of the books. I think the word sloth describes my actions as of right now. I would have used gluttony because I’m thinking right now “Have I waited long enough to have room for a beer in my stomach?” But the sloth won out because the answer to the question is “I don’t want to get off the couch to get a beer.”

Aaron will be here tomorrow to take me home. That is good because I’m almost out of clothes, and I was waiting to go home to do laundry. Also I’ll most likely get some presents for Laurens family while he is here. The only bummer is that I have to cover for some people with the sound at 703 which I didn’t really have time to do, so I need to make time for it now. Hopefully Aaron won’t mind coming with me to help out instead of hanging out at home for the afternoon.

Now this little rant has gone on long enough so I will say,
Thank you, and goodnight.


So, finals are over. I don’t know how I did, it could go either way. I don’t know if they are going to kick me out of school yet…..like I said, I’m riding the fence. I’m reasonably sure that I am getting an A in my B&TW class, so I can fail my MatSe class and still be maintaining a 2.0 between the classes. For my other seven hours it could go either way. Four hours are coming from my control system class, which I heard has a wicked curve….thats right…..I said wicked. I heard that a B+ is bottom 33 percentile and up…which means that an A is in the fifty percent range. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the bell curve and how grades are done in engineering classes is that you find the average total grade (either based on points or percentages…it doesn’t matter either way) then you figure out what the deviation is between scores is…that is how much the average difference from the mean is. Then you figure that everything below the mean by one standard deviation is a C and two is a D and everything lower then that is an F….then above the mean by one deviation is a B, and everything else up-wards is an A. So now that I have forgotten my point and confused everyone who hasn’t worked on a bell curve before, it means that I compete directly against my classmates for my grade. My only goal is to get close to or above the average.

In my MatSe class I am most likely below two deviations…which means I am failing….but maybe, just maybe, I’ll pull that up w/ the final. It would be nice not to have to repeat a class like this one. As for my two ECE classes I heard that the controls class is super loose so I don’t think they will fail anyone, but my other class is more likely a C or better….maybe a D, but I’m hoping for the C.

But we’ll see how it goes. If I do get kicked out I can petition to get back in….and hopefully seeing as how I’m so close to graduating they will let me ride it out.

Tonight I went with James and finished some Christmas shopping. I bought Dirk “Final Fantasy Tactics Advance” for the Gameboy Advance. This game looks wicked awesome. I’m getting “Fire Emblem” for the GBA SP that Dirk got me for Christmas. Either my brothers will be getting it for me for Christmas, or I’ll pick it up myself before I leave for Cali. I’m reading a book and I’m gonna start playing “Fire Emblem” so hopefully I can actually get some reading done as well as some video gaming. Dirk said he mainly purchased the GBA for me because he wants someone to play “Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles” with, and you have to have GBA’s to play multi-player. I’ve already decided when we play that I want to be the one carrying the bucket. And you better believe dat da BigCat don’t drop the bucket short….unless he’s pissed at you.

Then after I went to circuit city, we went to Culvers…always good eating…not as good as In ‘n’ Out burger, but good none the less. Then on to Kelley and Bob’s Christmas Kegger….good times for all. I had my share of beer…Bob cut me off so that I would have no reason for Lauren to be alarmed about me getting drunk…which she has a tendency to do when she isn’t around and there is any amount of drinking involved. So I am home….reasonably sober, and watching “Don’t be a Menace to South Central while Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.” What a quality piece of work. I love that movie…and other bad movies like it.

So anyway, I’m done for now. I’ll write about Christmas and going to Cali after Christmas later.
So, thank you, and goodnight.

Shirtless O’Clock is here

It’s shirtless o’clock, do you know where your beer is?

I do, and I don’t have my shirt on.

If you are reading this it is shirtless o’clock somewhere, so you should take off your shirt.

So I don’t have my shirt on, and it feels good. Shirtless o’clock is great, it was even better in the spring when it was warm and it was nice to sit outside and drink beer. We don’t grill and have shirtless o’clock because that has chest hair singeing potential, but we do sit outside on our ratty couch.

And now, shirtless o’clock is over, because I’m cold.

Amusing things

OK, so as many of you know, I personally know the guy who started the New Horizon Methodist Church in Champaign, and I was just looking at websites of some of the local Methodist churches because I was looking for the Faith United Methodist website, and I ran across the website for new horizon. Now a few amusing things struck me, that are probably only funny to me, but I thought I would write about them anyway. First off, the website reminded me of a simplified version of an older Saddleback website, and second is that Roger is currently doing the 40 days of purpose that Rick Warren did right after he finished writing “Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?”. So I was sort of amused by this, just because the kind of church this was aimed at being when they started was something very similar to Saddleback in my estimation. It is a great church that is filling a void in the community and doing things that the Methodist Church needs to do in order to grow and continue fulfilling peoples spiritual needs, so don’t think I’m bashing this place. I actually know two of their pastors personally and I think they are great guys, but the striking resemblance in mission statement to the Vineyards as well as Saddlebacks amused me greatly.

Anyway, Rock on with this ministry, because this is a great church and more people need exposure to Rick Warrens Purpose Driven material because it exposes simple but important points that the modern church needs to realize. The first purpose driven book, “Purpose Driven Church” is something that a lot of really important people have been influenced by, and a lot of churches have seen substantial growth after implementing some of the things he addresses in that book. I can’t wait to read my copy of “Purpose Driven Life” (which he wrote while I was attending that church in California), but I have to finish like 2 other large books before I can really sink my teeth into that book.

So that was my pre-bed time amusement….I just thought I would share.

Mario Kart Madness

Well, today I did some homework, and Rob and I tag teamed some two player mario kart in the GP mode. Mainly this consisted of Rob and I racing for a while and once one of us started to get more first places then the other, then the guy in the back would start looking for the people that were closest to catching up to us in points and just waste the guy with shells, so he didn’t get second or third. This is how I tied with the very very very cheap computer player in the all course mode (where you play all 16 tracks for points) and since I was the human guy, I took gold. This completed the last thing we had to do in Mario Kart to unlock anything. We unlocked the parade cart, which is this gold cart that anyone can use no matter how big or small they are. It is an OK cart, but I’m still loving the small toad cart or the paratrooper cart. So tonight really quick before I went to bed I went through time trials (Rob had been playing time trials which is what motivated me to do this) and promptly pounded all the hardest course times that Rob and Dirk had been setting. I think I beat the best time in Rainbow Road that Dirk had by more then ten seconds. I knew I was having a good run when every time I completed a lap I had set the best lap time. That was probably my best Rainbow Road run in any mode to date.

All in all, I don’t really like some of the ways they simplified the driving in this game. The power-slides don’t spin out, so you don’t have to be careful about how long you are sliding, and the boosts are short and don’t help you beat the computer that much when it is cheating by going faster then it should be able to. Also, stopping red shells isn’t a science or an art. I saw Rob drop a box right on a red shell and it didn’t stop it. I don’t know what was wrong with that, but it looked like it went right through the box he set down. I may actually stop writing about Mario Kart some time soon, but seeing as how it is one of the more enjoyable distractions from my otherwise depressing thoughts at the moment, I think I will continue to write about it until I have something better to write about….or maybe I’ll spend a little time working on the wedding page, and then I will have something good to talk about. Anyway, I’m tired…I’m going to bed now.

Thank you, and Goodnight.

This is funny

Airspeed of an unladen European swallow.

So I feel a little better today, I’m still achy all over, but the headache seems to not be as bad….taking some tylonal last night seemed to help a lot where it had barely made a dent before, so I’m hoping things are looking up.

The down side is that I didn’t take my test yesterday, so I have to take it later this week. Now most people would say yay more time to study. But I have a lab report due thursday morning, and homework due friday afternoon, and Mario Kart is comming out. Those of you who know me well, know I have an obsession with Mario Kart. Normally I wouldn’t brag, but I only know one person who can beat me with any regularity, and we usually split games fairly evenly…..but Mario Kart is fun because the weapons make it anyones game a lot of the time, so even people who suck can beat me sometimes. So with the addition of LAN play in the new one I’m super excited…..if anyone has a Gamecube, Mario Kart and the Broadband adapter for the GC you need to come to our house and we will play eight player mario kart….and it will be AWESOME!